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BabyLab is a Western Sydney University Infant Research Centre for pure and applied infant research on speech perception and language acquisition


What is BabyLab?

BabyLab is the foremost infant research laboratory in Australia, and on par with the best internationally in terms of our facilities, resources, equipment and the number of participating infants. 

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Our research

Our researchers monitor babies’ responses using state of the art equipment to provide a window into the mind of young babies acquiring the building blocks of language.

More about our research


Register your baby

We have various studies in progress at any one time. If you would like to help contribute to our research studies, the first step is to register your baby.

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Participation is fun!

BabyLab research is conducted by behavioural observation where you will be with your baby at all times

Visiting the BabyLab

We have various research studies in progress at any one time. Each individual study has specific age requirements, so we generally recruit babies from 0-2 years old to be placed in our database. Babies who participate receive:

  • $30 travel allowance on each visit
  • Baby Science Degrees on each visit
  • BabyLab T-shirt on the first visit, and gifts thereafter
  • Easy, free parking
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BabyLab in the media

BabyLab has attracted mainstream media attention for its leading infant research on various occasions. The BabyLab has featured on television, print, radio and online coverage across Australia and abroad.

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BabyLab is part of The MARCS Institute, an interdisciplinary research institute of Western Sydney University

A selection of our partners, collaborators and friends can be seen below.

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